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Flower and edibles are great, but sometimes you need something with a little bit more punch to it. That’s where concentrates come into play. We took to our Leafly Instagram page and asked Leafly users for their go-to brands in the concentrates game. After receiving hundreds of answers, these were the brands that came up repeatedly.

Viola Extracts is a company founded by NBA-veteran-turned-cannabis-entrepreneur Al Harrington. Named after his grandmother, the story of Viola is this: Al had been treating his multiple basketball-related injuries with CBD oils and topicals. He recommended CBD-based products to his grandma for her multiple I’ve-lived-a-very-long-time-related ailments instead of the ineffective medication she’d been prescribed by her doctors. Suddenly, after years of being unable, Viola could see the words on her Bible (there’s a whole documentary about it).

Viola produces a number of products including premium flower, vapes, extracts, live resin, and shatter.