Edibles R’Us Featured in “4 Cool Products To Try Now That Weed Is Legal In California” Article

Featured in The French Toast Cannabis Magazine on March 1st, 2018:

“K-Town Collective’s Edibles ’R’ Us is the snack mecca of Melrose in Los Angeles. Everything from Flamin’ Hot cheese curls to cereals and candies are souped up and duped to look like regular food. The treats are not only insanely tasty as junk food is known to be, they are dosed at various levels to give you lots of options. Feeling chill? Pop one 3mg Sour Gummy from a 60mg bag. If you’re wanting to be extra, down the whole 60mg bag of cheese-os, and go to space. The snack world is your weed oyster.

edibles R'us

About KTown Collective
Established in 2006, KTown Medical Marijuana Dispensary Los Angeles is one of the original 187 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles. After the passage of Prop D in June 2013, KTown Collective moved to their current location at 7382 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, 90046. KTown Collective is open 7 days a week and strives to create a vertically integrated dispensary cultivating medicines and using all the byproducts of the flowers to make edibles, oils, concentrates, and topical creams. KTown Collective creates a comfortable setting and safe access for patients to feel at ease to ask questions and learn how to use cannabis to meet their specific needs.