KoreaTown Wins Big at Edibles List Awards #1 Best CO2 Infused Edible #2 Best Lip Balm

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Janice Hardoon, owner of KoreaTown Medical Marijuana Collective, and her team won two awards from Edibleslist.com and Ediblesmagazine.com, the best source for edibles.

Janice is known for her monthly “Chicken and Waffle” specials and is constantly creating edibles that fit into the lifestyle of the patients served. KoreaTown Collectives mission is to match patients to the right medicines.

Edibles List and Edibles Magazine are the top sources for navigating through the smokeless side of the cannabis industry.

KoreaTown Collective makes all types of edibles that fit the patients’ health and dietary needs. Dairy Free, Vegan and Kosher edibles are all options. KoreaTown is all about access and providing patients with medication in a form they enjoy and is beneficial to their specific ailment.

About KoreaTown Collective

Established in 2006, KoreaTown Medical Marijuana Dispensary Los Angeles is one of the original 187 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles. After the passage of Prop D in June 2013, KoreaTown Collective moved to their current location at 7382 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, 90046. KoreaTown Collective is open 7 days a week and strives to create a vertically integrated dispensary cultivating medicines and using all of the byproducts of the flowers to make edibles, oils, concentrates, and topical creams. KoreaTown Collective creates a comfortable setting and safe access for patents to feel at ease to ask questions and learn how to use cannabis to meet their specific needs.