KoreaTown Medical Marijuana Collective Los Angeles Caifornia

Located in Los Angeles, CA area, KoreaTown Medical Marijuana Collective , is a fully compliant, medicinal marijuana collective stocking all varieties of medicinal and recreational cannabis, including indica (kush), sativa, hash, hybrids, concentrates, wax, edibles, pipes, vaporizers and equipment. The professional and friendly staff have a wealth of knowledge and are available to make their clients feel comfortable, guiding them in their purchasing choices. Offering highly competitive rates, free samples, game, giveaways and top shelf specials KoreaTown Collective , is an absolute pleasure for any customers to visit. Updated ID is required for all purchases and letters of reference are required for first time visitors.

Valentine's Day 2017



Koreatown Collective  is excited to announce the launch of @hmbldt. hmbldtTM offers a suite of targeted formulas that deliver specific health benefits delivered in precise 2.25MG doses via their proprietary technology the hmbldt dose penTM. hmbldt formulas are available in calm, bliss, sleep and pain relief. AVAILABLE NOW! #healthandhappiness #hmbldt

COMING SOON!  @hmbldt’s targeted formulas - calm, bliss, sleep & relief - provide specific benefits in precise doses. Read more here http://www.hmbldt.com/


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